About Us

Boutique Sauve was a little shop in the 1915’s serving many of the residents who made a massive contribution to the Canadian war efforts in World War I and World War II. This led to an expansion and the building was reconstructed to meet its customer’s needs. 

We are a local store that take pride in fast and convenient way of shopping. You can rely on us for excellent customer service and product quality.

Boutique-Sauvé offers its clients a wide variety of products: furniture, decor, toys, gifts, kitchen, bathroom and electronics. Most sold items at Boutique-Sauvé are daily uses such as toilet racks, microwaves, pots/pans, TV racks etc. 

If you are looking for gifts for all ages to merchandise to satisfy your daily needs we’ve got it all at a discounted price! Just come on down to 3981 Wellington located 3 minutes away from De l’Église Metro or you can shop right here and get the same experience.

We have everything for the family 😊✌️

Compare old Boutique Sauve in 1920 to Now 2020 

Preview look inside our store: